A Family's Perspective

"In 2010 I became my sister’s guardian. She had been living at home with our mother until that time. I searched across the county for a residential care home for her. A lovely woman, who taught painting lessons to Chris, recommended we look at LiveOak. David Seaton met with me the next day. David explained LiveOak’s philosophy of living for the residents. That philosophy included treating each resident as an individual with dignity and value. It included building activities around each resident’s interests. I have seen this philosophy put into action and its results. They really do “walk the talk.”

My sister has lived with a traumatic brain injury for over 35 years. She was angry, isolated and felt as if she didn’t have any friends. She would often tearfully say, “I don’t have any friends.” People avoided her because she was different. It was heartbreaking. She has been living at LiveOak for seven years now. Today she is a social butterfly. She enjoys the other residents and they enjoy her. I was recently brought to tears when she introduced me to another resident calling her “my friend”!

I can’t thank LiveOak enough for the difference they have made in my sister’s life.

-Cindy G., sister & guardian of a LiveOak resident


At LiveOak, we provide the support and social connections that men and women with cognitive disabilities need to reengage with the world and get more out of life. We promote an atmosphere in which people feel respected, connected and valued.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here's what our friends and family have to say about LiveOak Living Community.

God bless all the caregivers at LiveOak. John feels safe and seems well and happy. Your approach is working. Thank you each and everyone!

-Ellen, mother of LiveOak resident

The LiveOak staff are amazing and handle difficult situations brilliantly. They do a great job keeping all residents engaged and upbeat!

- Candy S., mother of LiveOak resident

"My son is 32 years old, and he was diagnosed with schizophrenia 15 years ago. Ross has lived in a number of different places and unfortunately did not experience much success. Since moving to LiveOak Living Community five years ago, the quality of his life has improved significantly. The staff is very caring, they keep Ross safe, take care of his needs and have helped him to become more independent than he has been before."

- Sid O., father of LiveOak resident

Someplace to Go, Something to Do, Someone to Do It With

At LiveOak, inclusion is not a program, it’s a mindset.