A lifelong living community supporting and celebrating adults with cognitive disabilities for over 15 years

All people deserve to live rich, full lives

Our mission is to provide people with cognitive disabilities a caring and supportive community where they can grow and thrive throughout their lifetime.

Who We Serve

LiveOak Living Community serves adults over 18 who are medically and behaviorally stable, and are able to participate in a diverse and active community. We provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals with a range of cognitive disabilities

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After years working in long-term care, I became increasingly frustrated with the limited options the industry offered people with cognitive disabilities. From my perspective, individuals do not thrive in traditional institutional environments. Quality of life is low, and well-being is diminished. I knew there had to be a better way. So, in 2002, I created LiveOak Living Community.


Our approach to care is as unique as each of our residents.

- David Seaton, Founder & Owner

Licence #

  • LiveOak- 149795

  • Smith House: 149275

  • CLP- 009939

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