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LiveOak Living Community was started in 2002 as an innovative assisted living facility for adults with cognitive disabilities including mental illness, brain injury, developmental disabilities and autism.

Our community

LiveOak was built on the belief that everyone wants
someplace to go, something to do, and someone to do it with.

Our Communities

LiveOak is an intentional community that provides people with cognitive disabilities a caring and supportive community where they can grow and thrive throughout their lifetime. We are comprised of three different locations; LiveOak Ranch, LiveOak Apartments, and SmithHouse. Each location provides different supports and opportunities to meet the unique wants and needs for each individual.

Choosing a Home is a Big Decision

LiveOak believes that it’s important for every family to make the best decision for themselves. That’s why we offer accommodations for visitors to stay overnight and explore LiveOak as a potential home.


Who We Serve

LiveOak provides a supportive environment for individuals with cognitive disabilities who are looking for an active and inclusive community where they can make friends and explore personal interests.

Patrick did respite care at LiveOak for several years before moving to the Ranch full-time in 2017. He enjoys playing his guitar, working out and landscaping. He enjoys participating in the activities at LiveOak - his favorite activities being Bible Study, going out to eat and going to the gym in San Marcos. Patrick says, "The thing I like most about the Ranch is being able to respect those around me and having that respect returned to me in kind."

Patrick - LiveOak Ranch Resident

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"Riley moved to our assisted living facility in 2014 and subsequently moved into the LiveOak Apartments in 2017. Riley is an artist and has displayed his art at local art shows in San Marcos. He is also an animal lover and volunteers at the local animal shelter. Riley's favorite part of living at the apartments is "the autonomy I feel in having my own home."

Riley - LiveOak Apartments Resident

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Meg has lived at our SmithHouse community since 2015. She enjoys painting, photography and spending time with her bird, Buzz. Meg says the things she likes most about SmithHouse "is the cooking and the activities offered like going to the movies, seeing jazz ensembles at Texas State University, and attending activities in San Marcos."

Meg - SmithHouse Resident

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Someplace to Go, Something to Do, Someone to Do It With

At LiveOak, inclusion is not a program, it’s a mindset.


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