Our Community

Whether it’s the relaxed pace and verdant views of the countryside or the cultural offerings and energy of a college town, LiveOak Living Community offers a residential option for everyone.

All residents enjoy rooms that they’re free to personalize. Someone wants a purple wall? We’ll make that happen. Another person wants to put up deer antlers? Go for it!


Decorating the room is one of the first decisions someone makes as a new member of the LiveOak community, and it’s an important one. We want each resident to create a home here, not something that resembles “home.”

David Seaton’s original vision was to create a supportive community designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of a diverse group of people. Today, that vision has evolved into a thriving haven for people from all over the country with a variety cognitive disabilities. LiveOak offers three locations in and around San Marcos featuring different types of living arrangements because LiveOak—like life—is not one-size-fits-all.

Take a look at the three unique homes that make up our community in and around San Marcos

The City of San Marcos

Learn about the city our life revolves around

The Ranch

Check out our country life, seven miles outside San Marcos

Check out our family-style, city living

Smith House

Centre Street

Check out our apartments in the heart of San Marcos

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