A Message from David Seaton, CEO

Everyone wants to matter. For most of us, we achieve this through relationships, work or volunteering, being a member of a group or an active part of the larger community, and having choices about the type of activities we pursue that bring us purpose, meaning, and fun.

The same thing is true for someone with a cognitive disability. However, they often find themselves on the outside looking in, not able or capable of successfully engaging in these very human activities. As a result, isolation, depression, anxiety, and a sense of helplessness or hopelessness often sets in.

​In my nearly 40 years of experience working with individuals with cognitive disabilities, I've realized that this condition is very common, but does not have to be permanent. People are social creatures who thrive from human contact.

This was my vision when I started LiveOak in 2002. I wanted to create a supportive long-term living community where people could thrive, not just exist. Over the years I’ve been delighted to watch and experience many adults with long-term cognitive disabilities develop a bigger, better, and happy life. Not by focusing on their diagnosis or disability, but by focusing on their unique humanness and providing them with the support and opportunities to develop the type of life they desire. We view LiveOak as a community of possibilities, not a community of problems and it's this unique perspective towards long-term living that helps people continue to grow over their lifetime.

- David Seaton, Founder & CEO

LiveOak Core Principles

Shared Responsibilities:

Joint responsibility for the up-keep and maintenance of the grounds and common areas.

Access to Community Events:

Numerous opportunities to participate in social gatherings at the apartments as well as attend local events in San Marcos and the surrounding areas.

Shared Common Areas:

Open access to shared common areas that are open for everyone's use.

Cooperative Relationships:

Work together to create a community operated by and for the benefit of its members.

Personal Growth:

Create an active and engaging environment that provides the support, opportunities, and relationships that encourage personal growth.

Someplace to Go, Something to Do, Someone to Do it With

LiveOak's slogan is "Everyone wants someplace to go, something to do, and someone to do it with." A fundamental aspect of achieving this phenomenon is creating a community where each person can give and get support, have a sense of belonging and contribution, genuine friendships, laughter and fun. When this occurs, people grow.

By recognizing the unique individuality of each person, and their reciprocity towards others’ lives, the context is established for people to develop meaningful lives, experience a bigger world and feel they truly do matter.

About Our Community

Choosing a Home is a Big Decision

LiveOak believes that it’s important for every family to make the best decision for themselves. That’s why we offer accommodations for visitors to stay overnight and explore LiveOak as a potential home.