Our Philosophy

We believe individuals are most successful in environments that promote person-centered support, the cornerstone of what we call Lifelong Living.​ At LiveOak, progress is measured by how much our residents are enjoying their lives and achieving their goals, not by how many boxes can be ticked off on a treatment plan.


We’re not about “fixing” people. Our job is helping people create lives that are meaningful to them.

Opportunities and Options Offer Hope

When people lack the proper skills and supports to interact successfully with the world, they can become dependent on family members and caregivers to “be their world.” Socially isolated and bored, the person may become anxious, depressed and frustrated. As the individual becomes more withdrawn, behavior may become erratic. Inevitably, health and well-being begin to deteriorate.  


Life can feel hopeless for both the individual and caregivers in this situation.

At Live Oak, we reignite hope by providing what many people with cognitive disabilities lack: the opportunities and options to fully participate in their own lives.  

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