Welcome to San Marcos

San Marcos is an idyllic city built on the banks of the renowned crystal clear San Marcos River. It's a rapidly growing city of 5,000 ideally located midway between Austin and San Antonio. San Marcos is known for its recreation, especially swimming, tubing and fishing in the river. San Marcos is also home to Texas State University and its 30,000 students.

Things to Do

Gruene, TX

Gruene is a historic German town settled in the 1840's. It's home to the famous Gruene Hall, the Gristmill Restaurant, the Gruene historic shopping district, several wineries and the Gruene River.

Downtown San Marcos

Locally-owned shops and restaurants, bistros and nightspots adorn every corner of the historic downtown San Marcos. Located just a few blocks from the River and Texas State University, Downtown San Marcos is a great place to eat, sop, and enjoy the beauty of the Hill Country.

Wimberley, TX

Often referred to as "Texas' own piece of heaven", Wimberley, TX is located where the Cypress Creek and the Blanco River meet just 20 minutes from San Marcos. Wimberley is known for Blue Hole Regional Park, it's shady Wimberley Square and the whimsical Wimberley Market Days.

San Antonio, TX

Located one hour from San Marcos, San Antonio is a great way to explore the origins and cultural heritage of Texas. Take a stroll down the San Antonio River Walk, visit the historic Alamo, or enjoy the renowned San Antonio Museum of Art.

Austin, TX

Austin is the state capital of Texas and the live music capital of the world. It's known for its entertainment, flourishing culinary scene, and local artists. Take a tour of the Texas Capitol Building or paddleboard on Ladybird Lake.

Eat the World’s Best BBQ

While Texas is known for it's BBQ, no town is more famous than Lockhart, TX. Lockhart is home to three famous BBQ joints all competing for the title of World's Best BBQ. Try all three and decide for yourself.

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