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Meet Patrick

Patrick did respite care at LiveOak for several years before moving to the Ranch full-time in 2017. He enjoys playing his guitar, working out, and landscaping. He enjoys participating in the activities at LiveOak; his favorite activities being Bible Study, going out to eat, and going to the gym in San Marcos. Patrick says, "The thing I like most about the Ranch is being able to respect those around me and having that respect returned to me in kind." 


Meet Riley

Riley moved to LiveOak in 2014 and subsequently moved into the LiveOak Apartments in 2017. Riley is an artist and has displayed his art at local art shows in San Marcos. He is also an animal lover and volunteers at the local animal shelter. Riley's favorite part of living at the apartments is "the autonomy I feel in having my own home." 

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Meet Meg

Meg has lived at SmithHouse since 2015. She enjoys painting, photography, and spending time with her bird, Buzz. Meg says the things she like most about SmithHouse "is the cooking and the activities offered like going to the movies, seeing jazz ensembles at Texas State University, and attending activities in San Marcos"


We work with and for adults living with  cognitive disability who would benefit from living and participating in an active residential program. LiveOak residents are able to be involved both with our LiveOak family and in the surrounding community.

Consultations and Visits: A consultation and visit can be scheduled without cost or obligation. A fee schedule is available upon request. If you would like to schedule a visit, please call our office at (512) 357-4023 or email Rachel Medina at rm@LiveOakLiving.com.

Cost: Our daily fee is a fixed amount, making future care costs very predictable. Most individuals are privately funded through trusts, worker comp, or private pay. Traditional insurance policies or government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid typically do not pay for our services but are often used for medical care and medication.


For additional information or to make a referral, please call us at 512-357-4023 or send an email to Rachel Medina: rm@LiveOakLiving.com

Visitor Accommodations: LiveOak offers accommodations for potential residents and their family members in our Barndominium. The Barndominium is a 100-year-old barn that was renovated into a bed and breakfast for visitors. It is used year-round by potential residents, and by family members of current residents coming to visit their loved one. The Barndominium has two bedrooms, one bathroom. a living room, a kitchenette, and an outdoor patio area. 





A Family's Perspective

"In 2010 I became my sister’s guardian.  She had been living at home with our mother until that time.  I searched across the county for a residential care home for her.  A lovely woman, who taught painting lessons to Chris, recommended we look at LiveOak.  David Seaton met with me the next day.  David explained LiveOak’s philosophy of living for the residents. That philosophy included treating each resident as an individual with dignity and value.  It included building activities around each resident’s interests. I have seen this philosophy put into action and it’s results. They really do “walk the talk.” 


My sister has lived with a traumatic brain injury for over 35 years. She was angry, isolated and felt as if she didn’t have any friends.  She would often tearfully say, “I don’t have any friends.” People avoided her because she was different.  It was heartbreaking.  She has been living at LiveOak for seven years now. Today she is a social butterfly.  She enjoys the other residents and they enjoy her. I was recently brought to tears when she introduced me to another resident calling her “my friend”!

I can’t thank LiveOak enough for the difference they have made in my sister’s life. -Cindy G. Sister & Guardian of a LiveOak Resident


Frequently asked questions

Who lives at LiveOak?

LiveOak is an intentional community where individuals are supported in taking control of their own lives. Residents of LiveOak are individuals who have a desire to be actively engaged with their peers and the greater community of San Marcos. LiveOak residents are adults, 18 years of age or older. Residents come from all over the United States and have a variety of congitive disabilities; including developmental disabilities, mental health issues, brain injuries, and autism. We have three different program locations at LiveOak; the Ranch, an assisted living program in Martindale, TX, SmithHouse a small group home in San Marcos, and the LiveOak Apartments, a independent living program in downtown San Marcos.

What determines who lives at which location?

The level of support required, the desires of the residents and their families, and availability are all considered when placing a resident at one of our three locations. Individuals who are more independent and can be successful without overnight support or medication supervison would be good candidates for the LiveOak Apartments. Here, some residents have a roomate, while others live alone in one of five, two-bedroom apartments. Residents at the LiveOak apartments still have daily staff support, interaction with other LiveOak residents, access to community activties, case management, and transportation. Those living at SmithHouse usually require extra levels of support, whether it's medication moitoring, greater physical accessibility, or a more structured daily schedule. SmithHouse can accomodate up to 10 residents in private and semi-private rooms. The Ranch is home to a diverse group of individuals with varrying abilities, though most require a moderate level of support. These residents enjoy regular outings to San Marcos, but with 63 acres, a swimming pool, a walking trail, and a recreation room for billards, pingpong, games, and crafts, there is no shortage of of activities for people right on the property.

Do you offer an option for people who can live on their own with minimal support but woud still benefit from a community like LiveOak?

If you are inquiring about someone who prefers to live in their own apartment or home yet still needs some level of assistance, please contact Rachel Medina at 512-357-4023 for information about our concierge services.

How much does it cost to live at LiveOak?

Our fee structure is a flat per-diem rate, based on the level of support a person requires and where they live. The average cost the LiveOak Apartments is $200. The average cost for our other programs offerering more support (LiveOak Ranch, Smith House) is about $225 per day. All daily supports and services are included, except external professional healthcare services. What does the cost include? - Customized schedule for each resident, as well as 24-hour staffing at SmithHouse and the Ranch - Personalized programming emphasizing healthy activities, choice, responsibility and quality of life - Medication monitoring, management, and facilitation - Care management – scheduling of doctors’ appointments, follow-up, communication, and advocacy - Transportation to and from all doctors’ appointments - Monitoring of health conditions - Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as basic hygiene, if needed. - Meals and assistance with preparation and cooking - Regular communication with family members - Regular outings in the community

Do you take insurance or forms of public assistance?

Most individuals are privately funded though trusts, workers comp, or private pay. Traditional insurance policies or government programs such as Medicare or Medicaid typically do not pay for our services but are often used for medical care and medication.

Do you provide in-home medical services?

No. We are not a medical facility nor do we have nursing or therapy staff. We work closely with physicians and therapists in the San Marcos area who know our residents well. We monitor medical conditions, make doctors’ appointments, and provide care management services but we defer to the medical community for treatment.

Do residents have private rooms?

Most residents have a private room and some share a bathroom with one other resident. A few bedrooms at SmithHouse are semi-private.

Can I schedule a tour?

If you would like to take a tour of LiveOak or learn more about our program, please call (512) 357-4023. We regularly schedule tours for interested families and know that coming to the program in-person is the best way to see for yourself what a unique program we offer.


At LiveOak, we provide the support and social connections that men and women with cognitive disabilities need to reengage with the world and get more out of life. We promote an atmosphere in which people feel respected, connected and valued.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here's what our friends and family have to say about LiveOak Living Community.

God bless all the caregivers at Live Oak.  John feels safe and seems well and happy.  Your approach is working. Thank you each and every one! -Ellen (mother of resident)

"My son, is 32 years old, and he was diagnosed with schizophrenia 15 years ago. Ross has lived in a number of different places, and unfortunately did not experience much success. Since moving to LiveOak Living Community five years ago, the quality of his life has improved significantly. The staff is very caring, they keep Ross safe, take care of his needs and have helped him to become more independent than he has been before." - Sid O. ,Father of a LiveOak Resident

The LiveOak staff are amazing and handle difficult situations brilliantly.  They do a great job keeping all residents engaged and upbeat!- Candy S. Mother of LiveOak Resident


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