Welcome to LiveOak Living Community

We embrace the idea that all human beings deserve to live rich, full lives.

At LiveOak, we focus on the person rather than the diagnosis, and when we do that a world of possibilities opens up.  A life—rather than a treatment plan—starts to take shape. We inquire about needs and interests, likes and dislikes, and then tailor a daily schedule for that person. Commonly known as person-centered support, this quality of care is the cornerstone of our philosophy.


Giving people choices and involving them in the decision-making is a key component of person-centered care. People are unique. A day in the life of one resident may include attending church services, preparing lunch for friends, or caring a beloved pet or the animals at The Ranch.  Another may prefer a morning hike followed by lunch with friends at a local restaurant and a late-afternoon workout at the gym in San Marcos. 

Think of it as life on training wheels.  We provide ongoing support to make sure our residents are headed in the right direction, and we’re there to catch them if they fall.

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