SmithHouse is a small group home designed to provide additional support and supervision for those individuals who may need it now or in the future. Residents have private, single or double bedrooms and shared living areas. At SmithHouse, people are encouraged to create fulfilling lives for themselves and participate in the numerous daily activities available to them according to their personal preferences and interests. 

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Services Offered

Case Management

Assistance with ordering medication, assistance coordinating healthcare & therapies, advocacy during doctor appointments

24/7 Staff Support

Daily staff support including supervised medication administration, overnight staffing, and assistance with activities of daily living

Meals and Shopping

Three meals a day plus snacks,  transportation to the store, assistance with shopping for items such as clothing and personal items

Structured Daily Activities

Support in creating routines and schedules with meaningful and purposeful activities


Transportation to appointments, activities, community events, doctor's appointments and employment

Money Management 

Assistance with budgeting, banking, paying bills

Social Gatherings and Community Outings

Regularly scheduled individual and group outings to community events and activities


Assistance with cleaning rooms and doing laundry

Employment and Volunteer Pursuits

Assistance in attaining employment or volunteer position

Meet Pete

Pete has lived at LiveOak for over eight years. He moved into the Ranch and lived there for several years. However, as time went by, Pete found it more difficult to keep up with the fast-pace schedule of the Ranch. He moved to Smith House in 2019 and the change had a significant positive impact on his wellbeing. The move allowed Pete to continue the relationships that he had built with staff and peers at the Ranch while living in a location that could meet his needs for a slower-paced environment. Pete is still just as active as ever. He eats at his favorite restaurants, goes to music concerts and dances, attends exercise classes, and goes to classic car shows. At SmithHouse, Pete continues the active lifestyle he enjoys at a pace that works best for him. 

Activities & Interests:

  • Going to car shows

  • Building cities with legos

  • Going to out to eat

  • Dancing

  • Watching Westerns

"SmithHouse is a good place to live because I get to do things I enjoy, like dancing and building with legos, and regularly seeing my daughter." -Pete

For More Information 

Contact Rachel Medina 

Rachel Medina, Director of Development

Tel: 512-357-4023

 Address: 7343 FM 621 Martindale, TX 78655

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