Family-style Living, Autonomy, and City Living at Smith House

SmithHouse is a welcoming seven-room bungalow located approximately 1 mile from downtown San Marcos. This location is designed for communal living, and its residents operate like a big family. They each have private, single or double bedrooms and shared living areas. Residents are also responsible for doing household and outdoor chores, which instills a sense of pride, ownership and belonging as they work together to maintain their home.


Being  in San Marcos means there’s always something fun to do.


From outdoor concerts and other events on the shores of the San Marcos River, to shopping and eating out at a wide selection of restaurants, San Marcos has a variety of activities to offer both our residents and their families.

Our residents are familiar faces in town and have integrated wonderfully into the San Marcos community.


The City of San Marcos

Learn about the city our life revolves around

The Ranch

Check out our country life, seven miles outside San Marcos

Smith House

Check out our family-style, city living

Centre Street

Check out our apartments in the heart of San Marcos

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