Independence and Privacy in the Heart of Town at Centre Street

For individuals capable of living more independently, our apartment homes at Centre Street are the perfect fit. Many residents here hold jobs or volunteer positions within the community.  We are within walking distance of the historic town square in San Marcos.

While our Centre Street residents are more independent than LiveOak’s other residents, they are not separate. They have daily contact with LiveOak’s support staff and 24/7 access to assistance when they need it.


The connections and relationships integral to our Lifelong Living philosophy are continually reinforced, as Centre Street residents frequently interact with The Ranch’s and SmithHouse’s residents for meals, parties, and other activities

The City of San Marcos

Learn about the city our life revolves around

The Ranch

Check out our country life, seven miles outside San Marcos

Check out our family-style, city living

Smith House

Centre Street

Check out our apartments in the heart of San Marcos

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