A Message from David Seaton

Before opening LiveOak in 2002, my experience of long-term care had been either treatment-focused or custodial, when no further progress was expected for an individual. Both types of care are diagnosis-driven, without much thought given to the individual’s desires or ambitions. 


But I didn’t see people that needed to be “fixed” or hidden away. I saw human beings that still had the potential to be active, have meaningful relationships, new experiences and enjoy what life had to offer, despite having a cognitive disability. I saw folks that needed a living environment where they were accepted, supported, and provided with opportunities to grow, learn and connect with others. This was the inspiration for LiveOak, a place that supports what I call LifeLong Living.


I have been delighted to see my vision evolve into the reality that is LiveOak. Today, it is a vibrant, diverse community of individuals living to their fullest potential. I would be proud to recommend LiveOak to a friend  or family member as a great place to live or work.  I hope you agree. Better yet, I hope you’ll come visit and see for yourself.  The door is always open.


-David Seaton


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