A Day at LiveOak

At LiveOak, structured daily activities, work projects, and involvement in the community give residents a sense of belonging and well-being they need to live fully and grow. We tailor support to each resident’s individual interests and offer dependable daily schedules with a multitude of opportunities for our resident to experience daily successes. In addition to fostering relationships with peers in their living community, the schedule also promotes connections with people in the broader community.

Good Morning!

The LiveOak Community starts its morning schedule which may include work projects, exercises, recreational activities or appointments in the community, depending on the day. These may include going to the gym to workout, the library, or seeing the doctor or dentist. In addition, we have various clubs anyone can participating in, including art, dance, hiking, aerobics, travel club, etc. Each resident also has a membership to the local gym and can go as many times as they like.


Afternoons include group recreation in the HangOut to play ping pong, pool, play dominoes, or watch movies. In addition, we may go grocery shopping or run errands in the community. For some, we may resume our various work projects. In the afternoon, residents may be involved helping to prepare supper, cleaning their bed and bathroom or doing their own laundry, and generally learning to become more independent in caring for themselves.


There is usually something going on every evening, whether it’s a trip to the community to go bowling, see a movie, or attend a concert in the park. On the LiveOak campus, the activity may be relaxing in the Lodge with a book, playing board games or watching a movie or sporting event together on the television. In the summer months residents enjoy using the swimming pool and concerts in the park.

Weekends and Celebrations

Weekends remain active, but are structured to be more relaxed and recreational, which usually includes community trips to the movies, recreation and dining. We might play games in the HangOut or celebrate someone’s birthday or a holiday. Special events help draw out individuals who want to socialize and have fun. Among regular events are movie night, themed dances, and summer barbecues by the pool or going swimming. These activities enrich the shared sense of community among all who call LiveOak home.


Mealtimes in the Lodge are a cornerstone for gatherings at LiveOak. Residents and staff enjoy healthy family style meals together three times a day; Everyone is engaged in preparation, setting the table, serving or cleaning up. When weather allows, everyone enjoys grilling and eating outside by the swimming pool, or going out to eat in the community.  In addition, snacks are served between meals, offering another opportunity for staff and residents to come together several times a day.

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